YRTW ELE 9 and 10 – Total Gamma Radiation – THE RAD IN AMERICA

Watch, Read then Share! Watch, Read then Share! TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION In Your Radiation This Week No 9 and 10 Facing … More

YRTW No 61 – Surprise! Again the top spot in the Race to their Doom is Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Your Radiation This Week No 61 By Bob Nichols on June 25, 2016 alpha, beta, business, Chitin, CPM, fukushima, gamma, holiday, … More

YRTW No 41 – The highest radiation reporting city over 1000 CPM is listed first – the least radioactive city over 1000 CPM reporting is listed last

  Your Radiation This week No 41 By Bob Nichols on January 30, 2016– 41, alpha, beta, business, CPM, fukushima, gamma, … More