TGR YRTW No 17 and 18 – YRTW ELE is published every two weeks on Saturday. ELE is an acronym for “Extinction Level Event.” The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction

TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION YRTW No 17 and 18   By Bob Nichols on May 20, 2017 Facing a Dying Nation … More

YRTW ELE 9 and 10 – Total Gamma Radiation – THE RAD IN AMERICA

Watch, Read then Share! Watch, Read then Share! TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION In Your Radiation This Week No 9 and 10 Facing … More

YRTW No 81 and 82 – Nuclear War Continues Relentlessly – 59 Cities are Reporting Radiation Above 1,000 CPM – Take all necessary precautions

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YRTW No 75 and 76 – The [Rad] unit either reported publicly; or it failed to do so 100% of the time. It can’t do both. Of course, it may be falsified.

Your Radiation This Week No 75 and 76 By Bob Nichols on October 8, 2016 75, 76, alpha, beta, business, Chitin, … More