ALERT: NE US Radiation out of control! Bob Nichols Said WHAT about Gamma Radiation in America – 2020.9 ?!?

“ALERT: NE US Radiation out of control”   GAMMA RADIATION IN AMERICA 2020.9 US Gamma Radiation measuring devices screamed UP … More

MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 12 – Your Rad This Week! SHOWSTOPPER! by Bob Nichols

MILLION A WEEK CLUB YRTW 12 SHOWSTOPPER from YourRadiation ThisWeek on Vimeo. MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 12 Facing … More

YRTW No 21 and 22 – Amarillo has endured 39,053,762 CPM in the past year plus two weeks or 54 weeks total.

TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION YRTW No 21 and 22 By Bob Nichols on June 17, 2017alpha, beta, business, Chitin, CPM, fukushima, gamma, holiday, Japan, Midwest, National Sacrifice Zone, neutron, nuclear, Nuclear Industry Lobby, Nuclear War Crimes, nuke, Rad, Radiation, Sievert, Table of … More

Total Gamma and Beta Radiation in 2006 YRTW 18X – I actually Gasped when I saw the Rad Beta Count for Washington, D.C. for this issue on the epa website. It was 2.1 Billion, yea, with a Capital B.

Good Day! This is “Your Radiation This Week ” for the Radiation High readings for the year 2006. These are … More